A New Resource for Older Americans and Their Families

As the Baby Boomer generation is aging, more than 10,000 people reach the age of 65 every single day. This information is found at a website ( that was put in place by President Obama’s administration. This website serves the purpose of helping aging Americans and their caregivers with information aging. There is helpful information located here regarding health care options, the prevention of elder abuse, retirement planning, and healthy lifestyles.

Staying Healthy While Aging

This website shares multiple factors for living a lengthy and meaningful life. You can find healthy eating habits for older folks, good physical activities, and ways to be involved in your local community. There are also helpful links to other websites with healthy tips and helpful resources.

Health Related Issues

This website encourages older Americans to maximize their quality of life by focusing on health issues. This can include preventive care, a thorough understanding of medications being taken, and learning to manage health conditions. This section of the website provides links to numerous Medicare resources. There is also much information about specific health issues that aging citizens will likely be facing. This part of the website also gives resources for medications and helpful treatments.

Long-Term Care

This website stresses the value of long-term care in helping an aging citizen to stay involved in everyday life. This long-term care can come through avenues like in-home assistance, residential facilities, or even community programs. The website provides links for finding resources involved in this long-term care. You can find assistance in finding long-term care facilities, long-term care benefits, and long-term care planning. You will also find information to help veterans. This page of the website provides planning and resources for end of life decisions.

Elder Justice

This website says that millions of older Americans experience discrimination, neglect, abuse and exploitation every year. On this site, you will find links to help you find legal assistance as well as information to help identify frauds and scams. You can also find help with senior housing issues and how to stop elder abuse. 

Retirement Planning and Security

Planning your retirement can help you avoid the possibility of outliving the assets you have laid up for yourself. This website has links to resources for investing in IRAs, information to help.


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