Even Vampires Need Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan, even the undead. This may seem funny to you but there is a point we are making. Shows like The Vampire Chronicles, Twilight, and True Blood have taught us that vampires are not immortal. Vampires do die and it is usually unexpected and can be very messy.

Vampires probably wouldn’t qualify for life insurance and likely wouldn’t need an Advance Healthcare Directive. Having a Power of Attorney would be good so Mrs. Dracula or Dracula Jr. could take care of the finances if he should go on a long trip. An asset protection plan would also be useful in case he was sued. This would protect his assets from an expensive lawsuit or a judgement.

Dracula could meet Buffy the Vampire Slayer or get stuck in the dessert at dawn. These unexpected things could lead to that messy and unexpected death. Having a will and trust set up would be very helpful in these cases. They would give direction and instructions as to who should be in charge of his final affairs and who would inherit his worldly possessions. In case Dracula, Jr. is still a child or not financially capable, a trust would protect Dracula, Jr. What if Mrs. Dracula remarried? A trust would ensure assets were passed on to Dracula, Jr. and his children. Creditor protection and tax planning would also be offered in a trust to minimize taxes.

If the undead need an estate plan, so do you. Don’t wait any longer! When no estate plan exists, final wishes are not fulfilled. State laws provide default plans for those without a plan. Those default plans are not always the best for your family and loved ones. Your intentions will not be known or followed if you do not make it crystal clear in an estate plan. Now is the time, call our office today and allow us to create your estate plan with you.


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