Good Estate Planning


Estate planning is not just a business decision. It is not just something to check off the “To Do” list. Estate planning should be a way to establish a legacy and let your influence go far beyond the end of your life.

Of course, the more purposeful your life’s goals are when you are alive, the more specifically you will be able to make goals for the transfer of your estate. It is easily established that goals and purposes that are put on paper are much more likely to be realized. Written goals keep you on track to carry out your purposes.

How can you establish a financial and estate plan that will help you live a life of purpose?

  • Determine what your ultimate goal in life is. If money was no obstacle, what would you do? If you knew this was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?
  • Build upon the foundation of this ultimate goal. Start building details and plans around this purpose. Begin making your dream a reality.
  • Seek out advice from wise and qualified experts who can help you streamline these goals and plans. Their expertise and experience can help you identify obstacles and deal with them before they ever appear. Let them help you avoid common mistakes.
  • Let this advisor draw from different disciplines to help you establish a well-rounded plan of attack. A professional financial planner can help you put together a team of experts who have experience in fields that you are unfamiliar with. Life is too complicated to be an expert on every field. Let this team help you formulate an overall plan to achieve your financial goals.

When it comes to estate planning, you can do so with greater purpose and clarity by sitting down with someone who is specifically trained and experienced in the field. Be honest with your advisor and let him get to know your thoughts and dreams. Build a relationship of trust that can help you make wise and purposeful decisions.


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