How To Prepare For A Meeting With An Estate Planning Attorney

Meeting Your Estate Planning Attorney

If you want to make sure that your estate is protected during your lifetime and transferred to your intended heirs as seamlessly and efficiently as possible, then you’ll want to work with an estate planning attorney.

estate planning attorney meeting

An estate planning attorney is your fearless guide through the jungles of asset protection and distribution. He or she can help you draft a will, set up trusts for your heirs, protect as much of your assets from estate taxes as possible, and help eliminate the need for a messy probate after you are gone.

If you live in Sacramento, we hope that you consider contacting the Law Offices of Justin M. Gilbert for your estate planning needs. No matter which estate attorney you plan to use, be prepared to provide a lot of information to your attorney about your estate. This information will help your attorney better assess your estate and begin putting together an estate plan for you.

Who Will Be In Your Trust?

Your estate planning lawyer will need information on everyone you intend to put in your will and trust as well as the individual who will be the trustee (the person who manages the assets in the trust on behalf of the beneficiaries) and the individual or individuals who will be given durable power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney for you (the person or persons who will manage your assets and/or your health decisions if you should become incapacitated).

You will need to provide each person’s full name, date of birth and contact information.

What Does Your Estate Consist Of?

In order for an estate planning attorney to draft a will or trust, they must have a full understanding of what is in your estate. You’ll need to inform them about any real estate you own, any business ownership or interest you have, your vehicles and other valuable possessions, such as jewelry and artwork.

Any paperwork you can provide for these items – deeds, certificates of ownership, certificates of authenticity, insurance policies, etc…, will be needed.

Where Is Your Money?

The estate planning lawyer will also need all documentation relating to your retirement accounts, investment portfolio, savings accounts, insurance policies and any other investments that you have. Be ready to hand over statements, balance sheets and account numbers.

I know that it may seem like a lot of work to gather all of this information, but it will help provide your estate planning attorney with a complete picture of your estate. If everything in your estate is accounted for, then there will be no reason for your family to go into probate after you are gone.

At the Law Offices of Justin Gilbert, we provide each client with an extensive questionnaire to help them prepare for the estate planning process. Please contact us at (916) 467-4999 if you have questions about what information you’ll need to provide your estate planning attorney or to schedule a free consultation.


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