Nosey Neighbor Nellie Can Find Out About Your Probate. Really.

You would think that probate is a private process but it is not. Wills are filed at the courthouse so that makes probated estates part of public record. So, your nosey neighbor can just go to the courthouse or online and find information about your probate.

It’s Not Just Nellie That Has Access…

Most state laws require that a deceased person’s will be filed with probate court, even if it will not be in probate court. Nosey neighbors may be annoying and only check because of being curious but there are others that can view the public record and cause trouble for the beneficiaries of the will.

Charities, though well-meaning, can be annoying and coax away money that is undesignated. When the beneficiaries are trying to honor their lost loved one with a charity, that charity can squeeze out more than originally planned.

  • Will challengers.

Will challengers are people that challenge the will whether they have a valid reason or not. This can make the probate process take longer and cost more.

  • Financial predators.

This digital world we are in is convenient but it is also very dangerous. With so much information available online, financial predators find ways to access that information. Because the court system moves so slow, it can take months before the court realizes that the beneficiaries have been tricked.

Avoid the “Nosey Nellie” Factor with A Trust

Trusts are the answer to keeping your estate wishes private. Probate courts do not have anything to do with trust administration because trusts are not filed with any courts. You can keep nosey neighbors and predators out of your estate by creating a trust. It may still be required that you disclose all or part of the trust details to your beneficiaries, but this is the best way to keep your estate and wishes out of public record.

Contact our office today and allow us to help you create a trust, avoiding probate and keeping your financial affairs private from others.



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