Your Most Valuable Asset is You

shutterstock_219583525Much attention is rightfully given to managing assets and estate planning. It is wise to organize, manage, and protect the valuable aspects of your estate. However, in all of the discussion and planning, don’t forget to consider the most valuable asset in your entire estate. That highest-value asset is clearly and definitely you. You are the producer of all other items of value. You are the organizer and protector of the entire estate. You are the one with the greatest interest in the continuity and preservation of your estate.

What makes you so valuable? Your natural talents, your developed skills, your gathered experience, and your personal passion all make you the asset upon which all other assets rely.

Sometimes in the rush to protect the monetary and property assets, the more valuable human aspect of your estate gets be neglected. There are several steps you can take to see yourself as valuable and, therefore, take care of yourself as a valued asset to your estate.

  • Develop your potential. Continued education in your fields of expertise can keep you relevant and productive. Invest in the development of new skills and training that will prepare you for additional opportunities. Pursue advanced degrees that will multiply your abilities.
  • Protect your health. Nothing can hinder the aggressive development and protection of your estate like major personal health issues. Good health can largely be fostered through simple steps. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, insist on quality sleep, and follow a consistent exercise regimen. Don’t let small health problems become large health problems.
  • Insist on thorough insurance coverage. When you determine to have yourself covered properly with insurance, you are recognizing your personal value to your estate. This can include basic health insurance, liability insurance, professional insurance, life insurance, and other types of insurance depending on your business and estate details.

Recognizing, developing, and protecting your value is ultimately advantageous for your entire estate and any future beneficiaries of your estate planning. Don’t forget yourself!


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