Preserving Your Assets Beyond the Third Generation

You probably want to share your money with the next generation and beyond, whether you inherited it or developed it yourself. Other people and civilizations have expressed similar sentiments, with the underlying premise that the first generation creates money, the second generation spends it, and the third generation rarely sees any of it.

How an Estate Plan Protects Family Wealth

Puts your intentions into writing

Although the state where you live has a default plan for what happens to your money and property at your death, you can choose a different plan—you just need to put it in place. A trust not only avoids the costly, time-consuming, and public probate court process, but it also offers specific instructions for what should happen to the trust’s money and property.

To preserve the money and property you leave for your beneficiaries, you can set up discretionary trusts for them. You can guarantee that your beneficiaries are cared for without endangering your wealth by selecting a trustee you can trust to carry out your planning intentions.

Provides teachable moments through lifetime gifts

If you want to ensure that your money is passed down through the generations, lifelong donating might be a good option. Giving money to someone who isn’t financially knowledgeable may seem paradoxical, but a lifetime gift allows you to educate and guide the receiver on how to effectively manage the money.

Steps To Protect Your Wealth

Meet with your professional advisers first.

  • We may sit down with you and write out your desires and instructions in a legally binding document.
  • Your financial planner can provide you with useful advice and help you organize your money so that it continues to develop and be available to future generations.
  • Your tax advisor can help you understand the short- and long-term tax implications of any financial or estate planning strategy you’re contemplating or have already executed.
  • Your insurance expert can guarantee that you have enough liquidity to provide money to future generations, depending on the sort of estate planning approach you select.
  • Second, consider having an honest conversation with your family. If they know and understand your plan, they will be in a better position to honor your wishes.


Helping families is our passion, and we are committed to making the idea of “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” a thing of the past. Schedule a consultation with us today so we can discuss your wishes for the future and help you craft a plan that will benefit many generations to come.

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