Protecting Assets Within Entities

Asset protection is designed to protect your personal wealth from the threat of business liabilities. In order to protect your assets from the risk of seizure by an adverse party, it is essential to organize your assets in advance using the most favorable entities, agreements and system of laws. Our goal is to achieve the greatest level of protection that you are entitled to.

In order to protect both your personal and business assets, it is important to make sure they are kept beyond the reach of creditors. Funding your business by a combination of equity and secured debt is one strategy that can protect your assets. In addition, keeping the title of assets separate from the entity that runs the business day-to-day can also defeat the claim of creditors.

When using holding and operating companies in a multiple entity approach, there are ways to strategically invest in the business that minimizes the risk of loss. Any asset protection plan must include a strategy of minimizing the amount of vulnerable capital invested within the operating entity.

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